Youth Worker

Where's your favourite place in Somerset?

"There are a few places. I like the wild and windy Quantocks. Kilve Beach has a real Viking/ dragon feel to it. This is where I imagine the Viking ships coming out of the mist and if you look closely at the curves and shapes of the rocks, there be dragons. I’m also obsessed with the marshy Levels and their hidden secrets, which appear regularly in my writing."

Do you have a hidden talent or any hobbies?

"My love is writing and reading children’s books and teaching creative writing. Oh, and I can roller skate!"

What's the best thing about your job at Young Somerset?

"That I can connect with young people and hopefully enrich their lives with things they want to do. Every day is a different adventure and the tasks are very rewarding."

And finally, Ninjas or Pirates?

"Pirate with Jack Sparrow on the Black Pearl. Now, where has the rum gone?"



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