Where's your favourite place in Somerset?

"The Blackdown Hills. I lived in Hong Kong for three years where green spaces were at a premium and used to dream that when I came back to the UK I would live in a place where I could see trees, hills and be able to walk the dog that I would get. I now have all I dreamt about and cannot believe how lucky I am."

Do you have a hidden talent or any hobbies?

"My hobbies include walking with my dog and listening to a wide variety of music. Not sure I have any hidden talents left apart from being able to cook a mean Apple pie!"

What's the best thing about your job at Young Somerset?

"Hearing about the real difference that Young Somerset makes to young people, and being amazed at all the great talents of those who are involved with the organisation."

And finally, Ninjas or Pirates?

"Definitely Pirates - I could never be seen in a Ninja costume!"