We are excited to announce that the local organisation RAISE has officially joined Young Somerset!

RAISE (Racial Awareness, Inclusion, Support & Education) supports children, young people and families from Black, Asian and other racialised backgrounds. For example, we investigate and look for solutions where there are incidents in schools or the wider community and address issues of identity and social isolation. 
We also provide workshops and activities on race equality as well as promoting diversity, inclusion and understanding between people from all backgrounds to schools, colleges and other organisations. 
The RAISE team have many years of shared experience working in the area.
Find out more about RAISE here: https://www.raisesouthwest.org.uk/ 


October is Black History Month, but just what is it & why should we be celebrating it? 

BLACK HISTORY MONTH (BHM) began in the USA, in 1926 and was the brainchild of Carter G. Woodson. His aim was to research, gather, & share information about the culture, traditions & significant historical contributions made by people of African origin. America was a segregated society at the time, with black people having little in the way of rights or status.  In the 1970’s BHM was adopted by educators across the USA and was first celebrated in the UK, in 1987. 

Woodson was the son of a slave, born in New Canton, Virginia in 1875.  

He began high school at the age of 20, going on to Berea College, the University of Chicago, the Sorbonne in Paris & Harvard University, where he studied for a Ph.D in 1912 

Woodson spent his life working to educate all people about the vast contributions made by Black men and women throughout history. Woodson died on April 3, 1950.  Black History Month is his legacy. 

The aims of BHM are to

Promote knowledge of Black History, Culture and Heritage to everyone. 

Distribute & share information on positive Black contributions to British Society.  

Heighten the confidence and awareness of Black people to their cultural heritage. 

This year’s theme is “PROUD TO BE”..... 

Sometimes it’s hard to stand up and say you’re proud to be yourself if you’re in a minority or if you are made to feel ‘different’. 

Supporting, nurturing & improving the confidence and belief of young people is central to our work.