Wellbeing Practitioner


Where's your favourite place in Somerset?

"Exmoor National Park and the secret woodlands - because nature’s always beautiful and you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to relax than being in the forest (maybe not at night-time though...)"

Do you have a hidden talent or any hobbies?

"A big hobby of mine is photography, I love taking pictures of nature and keeping little glimpses of all the beauty out there. My hidden talent is playing the guitar – mostly because I don’t play it in front of people!"

What's the best thing about your job at Young Somerset?

"I love working with all the wonderful people in Young Somerset and getting to meet and talk to the young people of Somerset every day"

And finally, Ninjas or Pirates?

"You can’t beat a good pirate – I mean, have you ever compared a Somerset accent to a pirate’s?"



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