Assistant Youth Worker


Where's your favourite place in Somerset?

Generally I don't have a favourite place in Somerset, but anywhere with beautiful views will do for me."

Do you have a hidden talent or any hobbies?

"I seem to be incredibly good at circus skills since I've been working here! I'm not quite clown ready yet, but I'm sure people will disagree with me haha!"

What's the best thing about your job at Young Somerset?

"I love my job because I love making a difference to the young people I work with. I enjoy making sure young people have a voice and providing them with opportunities to improve their skills and well-being. It could be the simplest gesture of making people smile, which makes me feel like I'm doing something right."

And finally, Ninjas or Pirates?

"Definitely a Ninja! Fast moving and gets lost in the shadows – who wouldn’t! Cool sword right? Its got to be pink though, and of course the ninja outfit too!"



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