Wellbeing Practitioner

Where's your favourite place in Somerset?

"My favourite place has to be Glastonbury. The town is so nice to go to for a day out and the trek up to Glastonbury tor is definitely worth it for the view! But the best thing about it has to be the festival which is absolutely incredible. I would recommend everyone to try and go at least once!"

Do you have a hidden talent or any hobbies?

"I enjoy baking and I recently started getting back into the gym again. I also love going to concerts and festivals, as well as the odd city break. As far as hidden talents go, the number of packets of crisps I can eat in a short space of time is pretty impressive."

What's the best thing about your job at Young Somerset?

"I love working with young people and helping them as much as I can. Everyone at Young Somerset is so lovely as well and never hesitate to help if you need it!"

And finally, Ninjas or Pirates?

"I would have to go with pirates, they are quite cool!"



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