Eurilait, one of the UK's leading suppliers of quality speciality cheese and dairy products, are partnering with Young Somerset and are committed to supporting the charity for the next two years.

Eurilait are kicking off their fundraising in style with a cycle from Somerset to France this October! 

All money raised will go directly to supporting the Jigsaw project, run by Young Somerset, and is greatly appreciated.

About Jigsaw

Jigsaw works with young people who have been admitted to hospital due to low emotional wellbeing, suicide attempts or self-injury. Whilst the young people are well-supported during their stay in hospital the level of support post-admission rapidly drops (due to limitations of these services) and readmission rates were at a high level - 77% (2020).

Jigsaw youth practitioners work with young people following discharge through ongoing and bespoke support that helps them maintain and/or improve their mental health or emotional wellbeing, as well as providing an encouraging trusted adult and enabling them to make their own informed decisions for change. This in turn helps reduce the chance of readmission. Readmission rates within Jigsaw are 10% and are now 22% county wide.

Anna's Story

Anna's referral to Jigsaw was to help her understand the roots of her distress, alongside a guiding approach to enable her to feel more motivated with her studies.  Anna would like to run her own business one day but struggles with school engagement due to perceived pressure and feeling overwhelmed.  Anxiety around school often prevents Anna from attending in the morning, or missing certain lessons, though she has several trusted adults she can go to in school, if needed.  

Anna is the oldest of four and the family home is cramped.  It is difficult for Anna to find a private space and to have one-to-one time with parents, especially Mum.   

Anna engaged extremely well with the worker and was open to discussing many aspects of her life.  She presented as an intelligent and driven young person, with a great sense of humour.  Through exploring her anxiety, the Jigsaw worker mentioned that low intensity CBT (LICBT) may be useful.  Mum agreed and was able to say how it had previously helped her.   

After hearing Anna's concerns about the short-term nature of Jigsaw, the worker met with her school pastoral support who made a referral to Umbrella.  Additionally, the Youth Worker introduced Anna to Bold & Brave with a view to future work experience and work opportunities. 


  • Anna found Jigsaw significantly helpful in allowing her to talk in a safe space away and has not admitted back to hospital 

  • Anna was referred to Umbrella where she now receives longer term peer support  

  • Anna was referred internally for LI-CBT. 

  • Anna and Mum plan on creating a vegetable patch project together at home. 

Amy Carter