Although I do work for Young Somerset, it is an organisation I believe in and am passionate about. With a lack of funding for the Youth Sector, I feel it is a responsibility of mine as a youth worker to make this more known and do my part to raise much-needed funds for Young Somerset, to continue the great work it does across the county and nationally.

I am challenging myself by taking part in a Vipassana, a 10-day course in which you simply meditate in silence. This means no exercises, no reading, no writing, no technology, just me and my thoughts. Those that know me well know I'm an energetic and chatty person, I struggle to sit still. Having done my research, I took it upon myself to sign up for a Vipassana meditation course run by Dhamma.

I've paddled 125 miles in under 24 hours, I've walked up mountains, I've even stepped into multiple MMA matches. However, I can honestly say I am most nervous about this one. Why, you might ask? Simply as I am so under prepared. I've meditated for maybe 20 minutes before.

The silence thing is a good symbol of the fact our young people do feel silenced. So I am hoping through raising theses funds and awareness we can make it possible for young people to be more heard.

Chris Bucksey