"I’ve never been a huge fan of change so when it comes to events like haircuts I could never face but have only a little bit taken off. I’ve now decided to shave it all off to support organisations that have been there to support me. Young Somerset and Dogs4wildlife are very close to my heart. Young Somerset introducing me to new people and have given me opportunity to now go out and help other young people. Dog training has been a huge passion of mine as has my love for wildlife. Dogs4wildlife combine both, raising and training dogs to help protect our worlds most precious and endangered wildlife from poaching in Africa. On the 30th of August, just after my 18th birthday, I will be having all of my hair shaved off for charity. Whilst most 18 year olds are worried about hair and makeup, I’ll be shaving mine off for charity.

I will be splitting the money raised, half will go to Young Somerset and the other half will be going to Dogs4wildlife. My hair will then be donated to the Little Princess Trust."

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