Whilst most of the country has turned to technology to keep in touch with loved ones during lockdown, this talented group of Somerset-based young people have tested the limits of technology in a unique and creative way.   

Creating music is proven to be a great way to deal with difficult circumstances, so these 6 young people have come together over the internet, to connect with each other and to produce their very own record called 'Lockdown Blues'. They have not only showcased how to spark creativity during lockdown by making a record, but have also demonstrated that quality work can be produced using basic technology.

During the 'Make a Record' sessions, hosted by Young Somerset's project leader James Brookes, the group wrote the lyrics, played and recorded their instruments on Zoom, whilst live streaming each session on Instagram. This enabled them to share the experience with others online as part of Young Somerset’s Digital Youth Work Services for Young People in Somerset.  They have also worked together to create a music video and artwork to go with the record. Not only have the group found it a great way to express their emotions during this challenging time, but they have also grown in confidence and developed new skills along the way. One group member Elissa says: “The ‘make a record’ sessions have allowed to me to progress further in playing the drums and it has definitely helped me network with other young people in Somerset. It has allowed my confidence to build in my music and it also has given me something to focus on during lockdown.

The group want to sell the single to raise money for Young Somerset, to enable them to continue to deliver these kinds of positive activities for young people whilst in lockdown.

The record is available to stream on the following sites: Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes and more!

Some of the group also participated in an interview with BBC Radio Somerset which can be found here.

Lockdown Blues Music Video