• How many days will I be expected to commit to? 

Days and times for volunteering can be flexible and may vary depending on the team or activity you are supporting. However, YS does ask volunteers to be consistent with the days and times they sign up for.   

  • How will I be supporting young people at YS? 

You will be working with other YS volunteers, youth workers or wellbeing practitioners to support young people in learning new skills, develop important interpersonal skills, gain confidence and self-esteem, seek advice and reduce the risk of becoming involved in unsafe activity, such as drugs and alcohol misuse. 

  • Are there set days and times for volunteers to help? 

This will depend which team and activities you are supporting.  A lot of our work runs at the same times each week so you will usually be given set days and times for volunteering. 

  • Can I claim for travel expenses? 

We will reimburse certain out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with your volunteering for us, for example,mileage costs; these will be paid at the same rate as staff travel (please Refer to ‘YS Travel & Subsistence Policy’ for full details).  

  • What training and induction will I be required to do? 

In addition to the information in this document, you will receive information about which team or project you will be supporting and will be expected to familiarise yourself with the policies and procedures available on our website. We require you to complete our Safeguarding and Child Protection training and Health and Safety training as a minimum. 

  • Are volunteers assigned to a supervisor? 

Yes, all volunteers will be assigned to a supervisor who they will have regular contact with and scheduled feedback sessions, where possible, every 6-8 weeks to discuss your volunteering role. This will also provide an opportunity to explore any successes, discuss any problems or complaints you may have and reflect on your volunteering. 

  • Will I need a DBS check and how do I get one? 

Yes, all adults working with children and young people will require a Disclosure and Barring Scheme (DBS) enhanced criminal record check.   

Steps for applying for a DBS: 

Do you have one already? If so, let us know. It will need to be an original, hardcopy of your DBS and dated within the last 3 months. 

If you do not have a DBS, you will need to apply for one with Young Somerset which we will pay for.