The impact of Young Somerset's work:

Through participation in Young Somerset programmes, young people complete self-assessment evaluation tools, measuring different aspects of their development.  388 young people took part in the assessment during 2017.  Through engagement with YS, young people articulated:

  • 14% increase in motivation levels
  • 14% increase in their ability to take responsibility
  • 16% increase in inspiration to take the next steps in their careers
  • 16% increase in new skills learned
  • 18% increase in willingness to take on new challenges
  • 18% increase in their skills in self-reflection
  • 22% increase in contributions to the local community


625 young people engaged with YS's Open Access Youth Work

472 young people participated in YS's Skills Development Strand

631 young people took part in YS's Social Action Project Programmes

In 2017, YS worked with young people from 41 different schools or colleges, and from 52 different towns or villages across Somerset. 

It is Young Somerset's ambition that by 2021, YS will engage with 3,000 young people each year – 1,000 young people within each of the organisation’s strands. 

Case Studies: