Wellbeing Workshop - Looking after Your Family’s Health

This free online workshop is the first of four sessions, hosted by Young Somerset. The course will provide support and information about the 7 pillars of holistic family health and wellness, and how to improve these areas in your family life. Read more

Wellbeing Workshop - Building Resilience in Lockdown

This free online workshop, hosted by Young Somerset, looks at how you can help your child to build resilience and emotional intelligence. Read more

Wellbeing Workshop - How to make physical activity fun for the whole family

This free online workshop looks at the importance of exercise, explores the barriers to being more active, and gives suggestions on how to make physical activity an ongoing and fun part of daily family life. Read more

Wellbeing Workshop - Making a Wellbeing Plan for Me and My Family

Session 4 uses what you have learnt in sessions 1-3 to help you make a holistic health and wellbeing plan for your family. It will look at factors such as exercise, diet, routine, sleep and resilience to help you stay healthy during lockdown. Read more