A Wellbeing Practitioner is someone who has been trained in cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT) for mild to moderate mental health difficulties.

CBT is not counselling. It is a practical way of focusing on how our thoughts and emotions affect our behaviour. Through setting goals and working together you will learn ways of coping with anxiety and low mood and how to handle difficult situation in the future.

What to expect

You will have an initial assessment session, where you are welcome to have a parent or friend with you.

The assessment session is to check we can help you. It is also a chance for you to understand what is involved when working with us.

If we decided together that we are not the right service, we will then help you find another support service which is right for you.

A practitioner will then work with you for up to 8 sessions, one each week.

The sessions last for 45 minutes and there will be activities for you to complete in-between. The more you engage with us and the activities and tasks, the more you will benefit.

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