Putting Young People First

We put ourselves in the shoes of the young person.  We provide young people with choice and the opportunity and space to be themselves.  We listen to their views and shape our services and interactions around young people’s needs.  We keep up to date with the latest youth trends and professional developments and use these creatively to support young people in the Somerset context.


We believe in the power of young people and act with energy, positivity, care, heart, ambition and a “can-do” attitude.   We harness our inner confidence, adopt an adventurous spirit and are prepared to learn new things in order to support young people to achieve their best possible outcomes. 


We are inclusive, encouraging, cooperative, helpful and respectful.  We share ideas and value individual contributions.  We work together as one team, supporting and being supported by each other, young people, community partners and other stakeholders.  We use our collective skills and experiences to deliver results.  We listen, professionally, and without judgement.  We work together to achieve common-goals.

Going further

We do more.  We act with willing, resilience and resourcefulness.  We take responsibility for our own actions and persevere to get the best outcomes for young people in Somerset.  We embrace change, adapt and think innovatively.  We make an impact.

Our History

Young Somerset has been making Somerset a better place for young people for over two decades. It began as a small charity in 1997, known as Somerset Rural Youth Project, where it initially focused on the rural areas of Somerset. However, as it has developed over the years, it widened out its valuable youth work service across the whole of the county, no longer just a focusing on the rural areas.

On 1st October 2018 Somerset Rural Youth project changed its name to Young Somerset, to reflect the broader spectrum of its work. As Young Somerset we are continuing to provide outstanding youth work to young people under 25 all across Somerset.