At the Big Frome Youth Event we have some organisations coming from the Somerset Big Tent and the Town Council who will be advertising the Find a family intervention network. You will have the opportunity to do some filming with Children's World and lots of craft activities too! There will be free food for young people 11+ and to end the event we are celebrating with a silent disco! 

I Can and I Am’s Double Decker Bus

I Can and I am is a charity that is passionate about enabling individuals to live a fulfilling life, fuelled by self-belief. 

In particular, we work with young people who are struggling under the pressures of academic expectation and social media, which in turn is causing too many heads to drop.

We seek to offer tools and inspiration to enable young people to turn the corner and move forward with a sense of purpose - I Can achieve and I Am of value. 

Our bus is a mobile resource that enables our charity to spread and embed our messages to those who need it most.

What happens on the bus?

We usually run one hour sessions on the bus for up to 15 young people who are split into two groups - half the time is spent making individual pizzas in our downstairs kitchen, then we run informal workshops for the remainder in our casual seating areas upstairs. During this time we talk to them about how they can help themselves and offer them tools and resources which enable them to hopefully grow in self belief.  

Everything that happens on the bus is underpinned by fun, positivity, empathy and passion for what we do.  We are not trained counsellors, but experienced and empathetic professionals who understand young people and how life can sometimes be difficult. 

The emphasis is always on finding ways to move forward positively. 

Balloons of Self-Belief

Our messages are rooted in simplicity.

Everyone has a balloon of self-belief inside them.  When it’s full, life tends to be good, we bounce back from setbacks, and we feel like we’ve got purpose. 

When it’s deflated, however, life becomes a struggle, things we may have once found easy become difficult, and it becomes hard to find hope.

Our mission at I Can and I Am is to allow those we work with to recognize their own balloon, and give them the tools to keep it inflated.

The Rendezvous

The Rendezvous Learning Project helps young people get the maths and English qualifications they need for going to college, finding an apprenticeship or applying for jobs.

It’s really different to school or college – learners work one to one with their own tutor at their own pace with no pressure. Our tutors are friendly and approachable volunteers. They go through vetting checks and an interview to make sure they’re right for the programme and right for the learner.

Our tutors will work with our learners on Level 1 and Level 2 English and/or maths qualifications (Level 2 is equivalent to a GCSE pass). We have a team of volunteer tutors who are there to help - we’ve got a really high pass rate. 

Free for over-16s

Our learning programme is FREE for anyone between 16 and 25 but there are some charges for under-16s (school years 9-11).

How it works

One-to-one sessions take place face-to-face in Yeovil on Tuesday mornings at Morley House, West Hendford BA20 1XE and are run by Faye.  You can start at any point in the year and take the exam when you’re ready.  We are an accredited Pearson exam centre.

How to contact us about learning

You can refer yourself or someone you know can refer you to us by filling in the short form on the bottom of the learning page of our website  You can also email faye on [email protected]  We will invite you in to have a chat to see if we can help and then register you.  We then match you with a volunteer tutor and your one to one sessions start!!      

Children's World

Established in 1981, Children's World provides workshops, activities and events for schools, special schools and community groups locally, nationally and occasionally overseas.
Children's World uses performance, drama and fun to support disadvantaged children- helping them, their families, carers, teachers and communities with the challenges they face. 
Our aim is to make the world a brighter place for children who need us.
We do this through.....
Creative, educational and interactive workshops for children with special needs, in special schools across the UK.
Film and drama based workshops, which help tackle challenging issues including bullying, integration, taking responsibility, disability and many others.
Bringing communities together with annual events and activities that give children the opportunity to learn new skills, express creativity, make new friends and have fun.
Work overseas which helps children, schools and communities that have experienced natural disasters or conflict trauma.
Each year we help the lives of over 2,5000 children, with generous support.
Please help us continue our work. We can't do it without you!

2BU Somerset

2BU Somerset is a youth support service promoting the wellbeing and positive mental health of children, young people and young adults who identify as LGBTQ+ (ages 11-25). We provide a safe environment for LGBTQ+ young people to come together and gain support from both staff and peers. We offer regular support groups, outreach and dedicated 1:1 support across Somerset

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