Healthy Minds – Problem solving tools aimed at students struggling with emotions and stress.

Mood Panda – Half mood tracker/half social network. Allows young people to keep their mood private or share it publicly for support from other Mood Panda users.

Calm – Provides tools and techniques for managing stress and anxiety through meditation and mindfulness.

CBT Thought Diary – An app to help young people track and record their thoughts and emotions.

Meetwo – A safe an secure forum for young people to discuss issues affecting their life. Anonymous advice from experts regarding mental health, self-harm, relationships, and friendships.

Stop, Breathe and Think – A guide to meditation, which recommends certain meditations based on how you’re feeling.


InHand – An app to help young people through the ups and downs of life; it suggests activities to help based on how you rank you mood.

Recovery record – A self-help tool for children and young people suffering from eating disorders.

Personal Zen – Interactive games to help reduce stress.

Mood Scope – A mood tracking tool.

SAM (Self-Help for Anxiety Management) – Help with anxiety management which includes interactive games and tools, and an anxiety tracker.

Silvercloud – A wide range of supportive and interactive programmes and tools for issues such as anger management, stress management, relationships, sleep, relaxation, depression, and anxiety.

Moodometer – An app as well as an online resource, which helps children and young people monitor and understand their emotional wellbeing.

Smiling Mind – A daily guide for managing stress and anxiety through mindfulness and meditation.

Stressheads – An interactive app, which helps young people distract from immediate stress by games, journal-keeping, and access to advice about triggers, stress, symptoms, exams, money, and relationships.

Moodfit – An app to track and improve your mood if you’re experiencing symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression.


Headspace – Guided meditation.

Catch It – Learn how to manage feelings like anxiety and depression. Teaches tools and techniques to look at problems in a different way, and to improve mental wellbeing.

Mindshift – An app specifically for young people to help manage their anxiety. There are lots of tools, techniques, and advice.

FearTools – An app designed to help combat anxiety, including Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Phobias, and Social Anxiety.

Happify – An app designed to improve overall wellbeing and happiness. Includes interactive games and activities, which earns points, which can be used to unlock extra activities.

Daylio – Keep a private journal without writing anything down! Add your pick and activities you have been doing during the day. Add notes and record your mood over months.

Calm Halm – Helps manage urge to self-harm.

distrACT – Self-help and distractions against self-harm. Access to details about support services, and information about what to do in a crisis.

Rise Up – Support for people struggling with food, dieting, exercise and body image. Allows you to log meals and emotions, provides self-monitoring homework and education and information about general wellbeing and mental health.

Stay Alive – A suicide prevention resource. Lots of useful information and tools to stay safe in a crisis.


Sanvello – Teaches mindfulness skills and provides mood and health tracking tools that can be used to improve mental and physical health.


MoodMission – Teaches new and better ways of coping with stress, low mood, anxiety, and depression.