Mental Health Issues:

How might this affect you?


You might have no energy, feel tearful, have little motivation to do things or feel numb or ‘empty’ – tiredness, and lethargy, less able to concentrate.


You may worry around many different things (not specific to one area) – tires easily, irritable, unable to relax, difficulty concentrating, muscle tension/headaches.

Social Anxiety

You might feel fearful or worried particularly around people, in busy places or with relationships, or constantly feel judged by others – feeling sick, shaky, flushed, racing heart.

Health Anxiety

You may worry about your health and wellbeing, you might frequently think that you will become ill – shaky, sweating, unable to relax, feeling sick.


You might have unwelcome thoughts, images or worries that won’t go away. You may feel that something bad will happen and find yourself repeating tasks or actions – restless, tired, irritable, unable to relax, feeling tense, racing heart, sweating.


Experiencing panic attacks, feeling like you might faint, have a heart attack or even die – unable to breathe, sweating, dizziness, racing heart, shaking, feeling faint.


You may have feelings of terror around specific places, things or actions – trembling hands, feeling sick, needing the toilet.

Sleep Problems

Difficulties getting to sleep, during sleep, or the amount/quality of sleep – feeling tired, irritable, unable to concentrate.

Stress Management

High levels of stress – e.g. around exams, school work or relationships – upset stomach, chest pain, rapid heart-beat, trouble sleeping

Behavioural Difficulties (in Primary aged children)

You may find it difficult to control and manage behaviours