On Sunday 16th January, Young Somerset were featured on BBC Countryfile to highlight the importance of youth work in rural communities such as Cheddar. 

BBC Countryfile Presenter, Charlotte Smith, take a visit to Cheddar Youth Club (run by Young Somerset, to see first-hand the importance of youth work in rural communities. Young people say the weekly club is a “safe place” where they can talk “more freely” about their lives.

Youth worker Alex Walker says the club is a “beacon” for young people in the area. He warns if money doesn’t flow into youth services soon the county lines problem will be just the tip of the iceberg: “Young people will be victims of child sexual exploitation. Mental health issues will spike. Hospitals and subsequent services will be overrun with the complexities that young people continue to face and aren't being addressed."

If you missed it you can catch up on the episode here >>