Cameron was unemployed when he joined the Green Activities Programme. He’d had a few poorly paid part-time jobs that hadn’t really led anywhere. He was anxious to put a couple of minor criminal convictions behind him. Cameron recognised that he did not have many qualifications and that his CV did not contain any volunteering or beneficial additions.

“I wasn’t really sure about the project when I started. I think it will help me in the future and I would definitely do something similar with Young Somerset again”

Cameron worked with GAP on the Conserving Blackdown Project, helping to build a boardwalk on the Mendips in winter. He was enthusiastic and had a 100% attendance record. He always worked hard and showed commitment to getting the job done, despite the arduous nature of the project. Cameron led by example and therefore took on a leadership role within the group.

Cameron achieved a qualification as a result of the project. He was more confident about getting a job now that he had improved his CV and had referees for applications