Henri is an amazing and talented young entrepreneur who is the founder of the candle company Babel. He sells his beautiful candles in Bold & Brave (they make the perfect Christmas gift!)
About Babel
Babel is a company that was born out of a love for languages. It was set up in May 2021 and run by Henri, who is a graduate of the University of St Andrews, with a degree in Arabic and Art History. Henri is a professional photographer and has been lucky to have travelled the world learning and appreciating new languages and cultures. This is where his true passion lies.
Through his interest in Babylonian Art, in which the Tower of Babel features numerous times, as well as his interest in languages, Henri decided to call the company Babel.
He began by making candles in his garage in rural Somerset, trying out different wax blends and scent mixes to create a unique product range that celebrates the beauty found in untranslatable words.
Whether describing a particular moment of joy, love, longing or melancholy, Henri aims to capture the nuances that each language has to offer in his set of truly original scents, imbued with the feelings and senses of place that such words have the power to conjure up.
Babel candles champion a clean burn and excellent scent throw, whilst also being eco-friendly. Henri continues to make the candles in small-scale batches to ensure the highest quality product.
Come along to Bold & Brave to discover Babel candles for yourself!