Madi (@celestialbymadi) is a young person who makes handmade classy and quirky jewellery which is available to buy in Bold & Brave!
Have a read of what inspired her to start making jewellery:
"I first started making earrings last year, after my orthodontist gestured at the rubber rings they use to show the different colours of brace bands, and said, ‘You could make earrings out of those.’ Intrigued in such a revolutionary idea, she let me keep two, instead of allowing them to go to waste, and thus, alongside my first pair of handmade earrings, a burning passion of mine was born.
After wearing the handmade pair rather illicitly around school, I noticed that I started to receive a few compliments by passersby, and I was excited by how confident this made me feel. And I immediately knew I wanted to extend this feeling I got, the sensation of happiness, to others. I wanted other people to experience this happiness too.
That was when my Grandad introduced me to the world of miniature clay modelling. Suddenly, I realised, I could make pretty much anything into a pair of earrings. The idea was utterly thrilling, and so some of my signature designs were created. The strawberries, avocados and rainbows were some of my first ideas, and are still some of my favourites.
I also have a love for reusing things in conventional ways. This sparked the idea for bottle cap jewellery. I think jewellery should have the capability to have a statement, and this is where the bottle caps come in perfectly. They are bold and unmissable. And at the same time, they save the planet, by reusing a single-use product that otherwise would go to waste.
I make jewellery for everyone to enjoy. Any gender, and age, anyone. And I think that is what is so special about jewellery. Anyone can access it, anyone can own it, and make it their own. And I think we do manage to make it our own, just by wearing it. Because just like you and me, no piece of jewellery is the same."
If you'd like to have a look at some of her wonderful jewellery, pop into Bold & Brave!
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