We're excited to be releasing another single and music video in August - created and produced by young people!

Coming August 2021!

The single and music video was produced as part of a 6month D of E skills project, delivered by Young Somerset (YS) & SSE.

Staff supporting the project: Jack (SSE Instructor), James (SSE Instructor) Sarah Howe (Young Somerset Youth Worker), James Brookes (Young Somerset Youth Worker) The young people had never played or had previous limited access to playing musical instrument’s, this was their first time in learning an instrument to this level, supported by Youth Worker James Brookes.

The young people had never been in a professional recording studio before, this studio completely transformed their attitude and approach to the session, compared to when they had sessions at Charterhouse. It is amazing the difference a professional, relevant, and purposeful environment can make to the delivery of a project. Supported by Apprentice Bert Jansch Studio Assistant Oliver Crawford-Craig and Youth Worker James Brookes and James (SSE Instructor who also played for the first time the 2nd electric guitar in the recording)

The young people had never worked as a team in this creative way before, working through the whole recording and playing together process, a complete contrast in their communication skills, respect for each other and supporting each other. The recording demonstrates how focused their attention was in playing together.

The young people had never written and composed a song before, the whole content of the song was written by them, based on their negative relationship experiences, depression, suicide and social and family life, supported by Youth Worker Sarah Howe.

The young people had never made a music video before, the storyboard was composed by the young people, with each scene written by them, staged by them, locations picked by them and acted by them, following a concise storyline, that was supported by Youth Worker James Brookes & Jack (SSE Instructor)

This project has demonstrated a number of outcomes, mostly how valued this project has been to the young people. They have stepped up to the challenge, overcoming all kinds of barriers, from lack of confidence, working together, etc…to pulling everything together to produce this high-quality creative product. That has enabled them to reflect on their social, emotional and wellbeing issues they experienced in the past and turn this into something positive, that they can share with others in a creative way.

Not only has this demonstrated the impact on young people, but also the two organisations that supported the young people through this project. For the first time this project brough both SSE and

Young Somerset together, combining Creative Youth Work and Instructor led Outdoor sports to support young people to produce a creative project. Both Youth Workers and Instructors naturally complimenting each other’s methods, styles and practices of delivery, a great combination of two different workforces coming together to support young people.

Art Work by: Grace Howell

Music composition by : Grace Howell, Tyler Hoult, Jason Macauley. Supported by James Brookes.

Music performed by: ` Music Recorded by: Oliver Crawford Craig & Jason Electric Guitar 1: Tyler Hoult Macauley. Electric Guitar 2: James (SSE Instructor) Recorded at: The Bert Jansch Studio, Frome. Acoustic Guitar: James Brookes (YS) Produced by: Young Somerset Piano: Grace Howell Drums: Jason Macauley Bass: Tyler Hoult Female Vocal: Grace Howell Male Vocal: Tyler Hoult Lyrics written by: Grace Howell, Tyler Hoult, Jason Macauley.

Music Video by: Storyboard: Grace Howell, Jason Macauley, Tyler Hoult. Supported by James Brookes & Jack Video filming: Tyler Hoult, Grace Howell, Jason Macauley. Supported by James Brookes, Lydia Burton, Jack. Directed by: Grace Howell, Tyler Holt and Jason Macauley, supported by James Brookes & Jack. Actors: Grace Howell (Female lead) Tyler Hoult (male lead), Jason Macauley (extra), Connor Scott (extra) Jack (extra) SSE. Produced by: Young Somerset