On Tuesday 10th march, our CEO (Nik), Engagement Officer (Sarah) and 2 Youth Board Members (Shalia and Chris) traveled to London to talk at the Rural Service Network Vulnerability Event in Westminster.

The event was based around what it is like for young people living in rural isolation and what issues they face because of this. MP’s and organisations from across the country attended the 5-hour meeting and many topics were discussed.

Nik spoke about Young Somerset and the work we are currently doing within the rural county. Chris and Shalia presented their experiences of the difficulties living in a rural area and spoke with confidence about how Somerset is a rural county facing many challenges: some being transport, lack of infrastructure (no university in the county, poor reception and wifi speed and lack of public transport). Having this platform to discuss day to day issues for young people was a great opportunity. Chris and Shalia wonderfully represented, not only Young Somerset, but also the young people within Somerset.

And of course they had to keep up with Young Somerset traditions and get a photo with Paddington!